A brief summary of the "School Scientific Investigation"

The basic idea of the project is, thanks to the help of students and teachers,  to create a workbook of natural science that would improve School Education Programme (SVP). We want to achieve the goals by means of sharing the sites of the workbook on the Internet. All sites will be, after a broad discussion with our students, published for everyone. One of the advantages, concerning the so-called SVP, is the interconnection of physics, chemistry, biology, history and philosophy. Sites have English and German dictionaries









The workbook should focus especially on skills. Many chapters are dedicated to experiments, which can not get along without modern technology. Students will approach from theory to cognition, understanding and finally to skills. We create a virtual environment for the disadvantaged students, so than they can log in from their homes and use technologically poor computers. By means of this we would offer them the possibility to work with expensive software and thus improve the parameters of work.








Natural science course with practise in terrain will be a part of the lesson. Lectures concerning ecology and environment topics will be part of the course.