Smart pages

We started to create the natural science workbook in order to insert our teachers‘ remarks and ideas into technical information, so as to interconnect
the topics with practice, prepare materials for our lessons – in an unusual way. Many pages contains links to websites, own and public videos, links to photo galleries, links to other natural science fields, links to literature. Everything is online and can be reworked by anyone who downloads the page. There is also
a possibility to download pdf format. Student gains a finger-post to other linking topics, which he can use during his studies.


You can download all our pages of workbook.



You can find pages in folders chemistry, physics, biology and ecology, history and philosophy
(they are written in Czech language, but you can use translator, but some of pages are translated
in folder "English version of few pages").  


Students‘ opinions played a very important role - they can actively participate in its creation for many years. Its online version always is up-to-date.  The pages can be downloaded and are ready for possible reworking. Students have the pages at their disposal on the project web, 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week. Student is drawn into the study of natural sciences, must express his opinion, take up an attitude to technical and scientific topics. Students gains
a new view upon science, more practice, more experiments, more proves. 


Below the text are files with codes (Ko01, Ca22, Dn18), thank to them you will know what topic you can find in folder.