Video and laboratory


Importatn topic of our school is creation of short chemical videos and editing in Windows Movie Maker ( development of digital knowledge of teachers and students). Students learned how to present their work by means of video, record its development and explain the results experiments. Students also make chemical videos in laboratory lessons and explain the results of their experiments – quantitatively and qualitatively in multimedia form.



They learn edited programmes, to process data, graphics, filmed video, text and conclusions into full form.  All students learned how to work with shared documents and forms, shared calendars, shared  video portal, shared websites. Students learned not only how to create videos, to process results of chemical experiments in an interesting and active way, but at the same time to share videos with friends, comment on them and get inspired by works of other students. Student learns how to work camera, edit programme, exports, and codecs. 


Topics - english version:

  1. Short physical film about heat - youtube
  2. The effect of isolation on heating dissipation from closed system - youtube
  3. Chemical reactions (burning magnesium, artificial fog, gunpowder, inflammable
    handkerchief, AlI3, light effects) - youtube
  4. Planetarium and the universe - youtube
  5. Windmill (english titles) - youtube


Topics - czech version:

  1. Oscillation I - youtube
  2. Oscillation II - youtube
  3. Electrogravimetry - youtube
  4. Chemical compounds and cosmetics in Egypt - youtube
  5. Electrolyte - youtube
  6. Liquid and capillarity - youtube
  7. Limestone - youtube
  8. Diode - youtube
  9. Thermodynamics - youtube
  10. Rubbing - youtube