Aims of the project


The basic aim of the project is the innovation of the School Education Programme in the field of natural sciences and the implemetation of new forms and methods into education.


  • Objective 1: Teachers, by means of interconnection, work on a workbook, that is not a copy of present workbooks. They try to involve many links to current topics, add experiments and samples from practice. The interaction of student and teacher play a basic role because students are given the opportunity to comment on the workbook online. It will result in the improvement of cooperation among teachers, broad understanding of what students need, interconnection of physics, chemistry, biology and foreign languages as well. 
  • Objective 2: We interconnect the PASCO measurement with the interactive board,  which is enable the students to understand the curriculum easily. The use of sensors and involvement of experiments into workbook is the output.
  • Objective 3: A necessary change in providing the support from the school must be done so that no student would be disadvantaged due to implementation of modern forms of  teaching using ICT. By means of virtual web the students are offered to log in the virtual server of our school in which they could go onto more powerful environment. The students will be given trainings of how to use virtual servers, instruction guide, the use of  thin or zero clients.
  • Objective 4: A natural science course will be prepared for students of the 2nd grades. Its aim will be to make students understand and study the water pollution, water and soil pH, environment, noise, dust. They will learn how to evaluate the real data and process them itno presentations. The output of the course are professional lectures about ecology, pollution of environment, sorting of waste, including texts, examples, final presentations and  their involvement into workbook.

The creation of natural science workbook including foreign dictionaries


Teachers create chapters of natural science workbook. Chapters contain present topics, links to literature, magazines, web sites, students´ works. Chapters are  issued on the web for discussion. A teacher use his chapters in his lessons, so that the discussion could occur in common education process. Teachers verify the experiments of the workbook in lessons or practical lessons together with students. After the end of the discussion about the specific chapter the text is postponed to proofreading, addition of terms in English and German languages.  Then the texts go through graphic layout and thus they are prepared for publishing. The workbook will be printed at the end of the project. An online workbook will be at disposal during the project.


Experiments and skill exercises in workbook


Verified experiments, quantitative solutions of the experiments, including teachers’ and students’ ideas will be included in the natural science workbook thanks to solvers. Quantitative measurement by PASCO sensor set will be used in the experiments (if it is possible in a specific chapter). Sensor measurement will be interconnected with the interactive board. The set has not only an excellently worked out methodology, but enables the students to understand the theory easily, leads them to quantitative language and understand the issue more in detail.